Scent of sex for your sex toys

The smell of another person can be enough to turn you on and it’s proven that scent is one of the most powerful senses that we have.

Sex toy materials does normally not have a very pleasant scent and it can be a barrier to cross that make it less enjoyable to use sex toys.

There are however options to prevent the off smell from sex toys.

Avoid bad smelling sex toys

Always wash your brand-new sex toys before using them, this has a lot of advantages which should not be underestimated.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should wash you sex toys:

  • Other people might have touched your sex toy during production.
  • There is often a bit of powder that reduces moisture on the toy itself.
  • You get rid of some of the off smell that comes from the sex toy materials.
  • It might have been in a pack for more than a year before you get it.

What can I do to improve the smell?

There are a few perfume products that are made very specifically to sex toys and are safe to put on your soft body parts.

I personally recommend the Hole Perfume which has been specially developed to be used inside male masturbator sex toys such as Onaholes and pocket pussies.

hole perfume for sex toys

This is how you use it

Simply clean you Onahole or pocket pussy with warm water and a bit of mild soap and let it dry off. Once dry take it with your hand and expand the entrance with 3 fingers and use the spray a couple of times both inside and outside.

It’s might sound like a lot but it makes a huge difference especially with brand-new Onaholes and pocket pussies.

I recommend the Hole Perfume

I personally love the Hole Perfume as mentioned before and it’s a great value since you only use a tiny amount each time you use it.

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