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Loving Joy Realfeel Review

Nearly all the sex toys I’ve used over the last couple of years are plain weathered strokers that in all might appear different, be different shapes and sizes, however, are textured tunnels and quite similar. In addition to the Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator from Loving Joy using a Small twist to the normal, not only one textured tube of love but TWO! Spoilt for choice using a vaginal opening and that which seems like a bigger, tighter anal orifice.


Shipped in what today seems like recognizable packaging for Loving Joy, iconic white and blue box that illustrates the features of this Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator along with a photograph of this solution plus a few super corny blurb (that I adore sex toys) on the trunk. That’s perfection.

Amongst the features of this item, Loving Joy boast it is constructed from authentic feel material, has two enjoyment tunnels, an insertable length of 4.25 inches and contains two exceptional textured canals (that can be only the second stage recycled).

It does not make a massive difference to lots of individuals, but after launching it the very first time, the substance does not give a dreadful odour, a few strokers I’ve opened have stunk and abandoned my skin smelling exactly the same following usage. Luckily, this stroker simply smells very neutral and of those packaging powder that they use, a fantastic beginning for nasal cavities anyplace.

Material and Dimensions

The Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator are branded on the packaging as being produced from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), that’s the most used substance in”flesh such as” sex toys. The substance is a mixture of plastic and rubber, making it soft and squishy. TPE is porous, so it’s going to have to be completely cleaned before and after use and kept separate from other sex toys. In terms of lubrication to utilize on TPE, you need to stick to some fantastic quality water based lubricant as silicone or oil based lubricants may cause the material to deteriorate.

On the packaging, the inner length is 4.25 inches that I think is right for the vaginal opening; the rectal opening nonetheless has approximately the next half an inch of insertable length at approximately 4.75 inches.


I discovered that both of those openings into the masturbator were tight enough to begin with (particularly the rectal opening) but after you had been in the tunnels were accommodating. Do not for one minute believe that the designers simply put two distinct holes on the exact same textured tunnels!

The rectal tube on the other hand is much more uniform, so there aren’t lots of arbitrary lumps and bumps and feels ridge like, it looks like a conscious choice to create the encounter as lifelike as possible was accepted. Sad to say, the 4.25 — 4.75 inches of insertable length is simply a little too brief, it is possible to go”balls deep” to the tunnels but it seems just like you could tear something in the procedure.

Additionally, the Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator are a closed finished masturbator, so be ready for a loud smacking noise each stroke you take with this. The advantage of shut finished tunnels of love is that on the outside stroke that the substance will’suck’ your insertion all of the way outside as a vacuum effect comes into play. This is very effective with all the anal opening because it virtually snaps closed because you pull out, a marvellous sight really.

Obviously, much like the body of one with a vagina, it is on top with all the anal opening beneath (if they’re on their trunk!) As a result of this, when you employ the best hole, then you have plenty of cushion between your self and your hands. If you swap holes, it is a totally new feeling as from the rectal orifice; you could feel of your manhood on your hands so can add more tension.

Orgasms using all the Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator are excellent, the number of senses they package into the tunnels is a victory and it is actually a beautiful soft material that’s quite comfy around your manhood.

Clean up as consistently is simple enough, of course using a closed ending masturbator, should you ejaculate inside you need to clean every nook and cranny completely (as it ought to be anyway). Leave drip dry and keep individually!


Another fantastic sex toy out of Loving Joy and yet another fantastic addition to the group. My only improvement would be to bring a suction controller hole to one of the tunnels to get even more senses!

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