Hot Octopuss Pulse Review

Hot Octopuss Pulse Review

As you’ll see in the many, many Hot Octopuss sex toy reviews here in Cara Sutra, my spouse and I’ve spent the last couple of decades completely enjoying the newest releases from the innovative and inclusive adult manufacturer. It was with fantastic pleasure that I recognized this chance to review among the hottest additions to the Hot Octopuss Guybrator loved ones, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux.

Since usual outer packaging was discreet and secure for this article. Inside, I discovered that the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux box that’s recognisably’Sexy Octopuss’ -that the layout much like another toy boxes in the scope.

Launch the box and removing the contents, I discovered that the Pulse Solo Lux’Guybrator’, the wrist strap remote controller, a magnetic/USB charging guide, a lace drawstring branded storage pouch and information/instruction leaflets.

Initial Impressions & Measurements

Hey, there is a wearable! I believe this is a superb idea as who wishes to continue to some distant the whole time you are scaling to/achieving orgasm –and if you place it down it is really easy to eliminate a loose distant between the sheets.

Aside from the remote-control design, I could not figure out what was different about the Solo Lux compared to, say, the Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo from looks alone. Instead, I love to collect some ideas about a new sex toy prior to studying some of these blurb on it, therefore that I could form some remarks without being affected by advertising spiel.

Enrolling Up

The charging guide is contained in the box, 1 end of that attaches magnetically to both metal strips at the bottom of this toy, whereas the opposite end could be used in almost any USB port. I love to utilize the USB ports on my own PC, or in my own multi-USB-to-mains adaptor plug by the mattress (these can be found from several electronics retailers).

A red LED glows to demonstrate the Pulse Solo Lux is charging, which turns to green if it is fully charged.

In terms of the wrist strap / wearable remote controller, the fundamental control panel pops from the silicone wristband if you manoeuvre out it. Turn it on and you also discover the battery cover is slid around to eliminate. The remote is powered by x1 CR2032 cell battery that is included and is simple to locate replacements for when it runs out of electricity.

How did he get on with all the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux? Over to him to get his ideas:

Since the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux has an open layout, during usage it was quite noisy -especially when combined with lube. But, it is no noisier than utilizing one of our strong wand vibrators.

As a result of seriousness, unlike many other vibrating sex toys you will probably not desire or need to utilize the Solo Lux on total power for long. There is a convenient’increase’ button on the remote to have a fast burst of complete power -however I found it only too extreme to utilize it in that specific rate over a protracted time frame.

The remote controller detaches in the wrist strap when required, but remains stable from the strap while worn and used, so in that way it is versatile. Initially I was very skeptical about the wrist strap design distant, wondering whether it had been only a gimmick, however through usage it is so much simpler to use the buttons on this distant than attempting to locate and use them onto the device . The buttons on the toy are quite inflexible -understandably so, so as to prevent inadvertently pushing them throughout play- and there is the dilemma of pushing these buttons while the toy is still buzzing, and if items are lubed up… therefore the wrist strap distant was unbelievably helpful.

After usage, the Solo Lux is fine and simple to wash. The magnetic connector is an improvement over the preceding’rubber cap’ charging port, so there is nothing you want to make sure is coated before washing. Plus, as the Solo Lux is accessible and open in layout, unlike tube design masturbators it is easy to wash clean and through it completely.

I’d consider indicating it down on account of the sound level, but as I mentioned before it is like purchasing and using particular kinds of wand vibrator. You know that it’s dumb but that is the trade-off for your energy and efficacy with a few sexual toys, and you opt to use them so. The Solo Lux is certainly worth the complete score.

Purchase Your Sexy Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux Today

You should really give it a try. Purchase yours straight from where it is generally priced at #129, or simply click through the large green button below!

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