Now we’ve got a very unique doll for you. The Harley Quinn sex doll is a slender, beautiful reporter modeled off among the very popular comic characters.

Not only is your Harley Quinn sex doll professionally sculpted, but she is a realistic sex doll which can make all your dreams come true.

This Harley Quinn sex toy review will go over the doll in detail so you’ll understand when this really is actually the best sex toy for you, or in the event that you should select among those other lifelike sex dolls.


Harley Quinn is a highly common Batman personality that has changed the face of comics in a lot of ways. She assists in most of his strategies and could be viewed as his sidekick.

She’s recently been of a personality in her own right and is often seen with different characters such as Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Harleen Quinzel chose to change her title to Harley Quinn to match the Joker’s theme.

As many comic characters have been created from the comics before they’re seen from the cinematic adaptations, matters were Harleen Quinzel. She was really generated from the Batman Animated Series.

Her personality was adored she became a part of the bigger Batman world and is presently a hugely popular personality .

Harley Quinn immediately became a fan favorite and its arguable that she had been a sex emblem even in the early days at the cartoon.

Together with her skintight black and red leotard and her amazingly sexual moves , it is difficult to argue with this viewpoint.

Even though DC and comics generally have been producing their female characters stronger and less sexual through time, Harley Quinn is among those characters that has not broken this mould.

She’s become a more powerful personality by breaking away in the Joker at times, being her own person, revealing her very own stamina and being with different personalities, but her sex doll outfits have stayed sexual in character.

She’s famous for her iconic skintight leotard, however she could currently be seen sporting revealing shirts, tight pants, shorts, hot nurse outfits, and a number of other similar styles.

Her craziness and spontaneity are usually seen as both appealing to her own body and outfits, which makes her a frequent sex symbol for several comic fans.

In case you choose to acquire the Harley Quinn sex doll, then you will be delighted to know you could dress her up with a lot of her best-known sex doll outfits.

The Harley Quinn sex doll is a dream sex doll think it or not. Despite seeming like a normal man, the Harley Quinn sex doll matches within this category because of several variables .

To start with, her literary heritage is just one of the chief reasons why the Harley Quinn sex doll is a dream doll. Unlike some other custom sex doll, the Harley Quinn sex doll is often utilized as a deeper kind of desire satisfaction comparable to additional dream dolls.

This permits you to be together with your favourite female personality . Other frequent dream sex doll things comprise elves, anime sex dolls, and even star sex dolls.

Another reason why the Harley Quinn sex doll readily fits into this class is her character.

The Harley Quinn sex toy could be used for the two dominant and anal play since she’s a history of revealing both natures.

Fantasy dolls let you play out your most powerful and finest dreams, and the Harley Quinn sex doll is ideal for this.

Because of its size, this life dimension Harley Quinn sex doll will make you feel as though you’re with her. When many folks did not enjoy the film, nearly everybody appreciated this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn sex doll seem, and you can now enjoy her for real.

This segment will explore the significant pros and cons to possessing the Harley Quinn sex doll.

The Fantastic

Comparatively cheap since the Harley Quinn sex doll consists of TPE fabric
TPE is among the best substances being realistically soft and lasting
Has a realistic height of 5’6″ or 170cm, meaning that you can live the dream of being with a life size Harley Quinn sex doll
The sex doll Harley Quinn includes a articulated and poseable metal sword, this enables her to shoot on realistic sex places effortlessly
Comes with hot lingerie
Ships discretely within 15 days
Several payment options including PayPal, charge card etc
Lots of customization options to create the Harley Quinn sex doll ideal

The Poor

The Harley Quinn sex doll is rather heavy at approximately 88lbs
you will want to use a muscle to present her arms and thighs
The Harley Quinn sex doll is a fundamental model without internal heating. Many owners get around this by heating the anus with warm water, towels or technical replacements

Essential Features and Dimensions

As we mentioned earlier, among the most enduring things about Harley Quinn is that her collection of hot outfits. Listed below are 3 outfits that match the Harley Quinn sex doll absolutely.

Make sure you assess the dimensions before buying them. Most will expect a size S but check the dimensions in the area above prior to purchasing. If you are unsure, you may always reach out into the various seller to learn more before getting these gender doll clothing on your Harley Quinn sex doll.

It takes following Harley’s maid appearance and provides her a solid, alluring and somewhat feminine appearance which will be enjoyable to have fun with.

For fans of this Batman Arkham City match, this costume should seem familiar. It is an upgrade of this first look that’s Harley looking powerful, strong and breathtakingly hot. This is great for those that desire their Harley Quinn sex doll to become powerful and hot all at one time.

The Harley Quinn Multicolored Costume is perfect for those who love her iconic appearance. This really is styled off her first look and it’ll permit you to encounter Harley as many individuals saw her. If you’d like your Harley Quinn sex doll to get this classic charm , then we advise this costume.


The Harley Quinn sex doll is a beautiful doll that a lot of men and women love. Not merely is it Harley Quinn a sex symbol in her own right, however, also the Harley Quinn sex doll is great for those seeking to place a little bit of dream in their own lives while also using a doll with lovely proportions.

If you’d like your sex dolls around the thinner side using a powerful and sexy mindset , then we certainly suggest the Harley Quinn sex doll.

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